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How To Website

I host my site on an excellent host called NEOCITIES!!! Anyone can host a site and it's FREE (just don't be all commercial abt it or smth, that would ruin the fun for everyone else). If you want to visit neocities, just click the link in the top-right corener of your screen. (feel free to steal and remix that button, it's been copied so many times that I have no idea where it originated)
For school, we once had to make a website. So everyone had to learn how to make one, without even knowing what a good or fun or original page even looked like...
I learnt basic HTML and CSS with Khan Academy, but I never had fun making a site because I lacked inspiration. Then I found neocities! I was inspired by all the websites that were reminiscent of an age that I've never lived in... and made my own!
One of the best tools you can have when you're learning to code is [INSPECT ELEMENT]! Just right click anywhere on a site to reveal all of the code on that site! You can peek around in there and select elements to see how they're structured/styled. Make sure to have a large variety of references, because you may try copying something off one site that's not good practice. It's like copying homework, but off of really many people you can compare the answers and choose which one you feel is right.
Before starting to code your website, figure out what the content should be! Once you know roughly what you want your site to be, sketch it out on paper! Having a visual reference of your goal helps a ton in creating your site.
Your site structure should be laid out in a way where every single "part" of your site (e.g. the header, the main body, some sitebar, maybe a floaty image somewhere off in the distance?) is clear and you know more or less what everything does. In my site I made the topbar be an object of type "header" and the main content of the type "main" instead of just having a couple of divs scattered about.
Make sure to make classes in your site re-usable! Every single green-bordered, lit up text container is the result of one CSS class's work!