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My Button!!

Copy button!


Q: tf is a "webring"?!?!
A: websites go link link with arrow or maybe random (like dice!!)


Looks like you've stumbled across my personal website!
You seemed like a cool person I decrypted the site for you, just be aware that not everyone gets to see the unscrambled contents of this place so don't go around sending this to all your friends! /s
This is where I post updates about any projects I'm working on, and anything else that I think is worth sharing with you guys!

Who dis?

Hi! I'm a 15 year old, neurodivergent internet goober and I go by [I need a shorter alias].
I'm good at programming, and I like making games with Unity in my free time.

How can I make a site as cool as yours???

heh, thanks me.
Anyways, you can find my tutorial here:

My tutorial here

Oh, and feel free to [INSPECT ELEMENT] my site! I'm fine with it as long as I don't see an exact copy of it floating around. This site is actually a remix of other sites I found cool!


I've finally decided to track updates! Enjoy the new background, it's a simulation of the game of life.